farm gate vending
farm gate vending
Farm gate vending
farm gate vending

Farm Gate Vending The story so far

I started Free Range poultry farming in 2014 with a flock of 20,000 Lohman Brown laying hens. It soon became apparent that there was a ready made market for the ‘seconds’ eggs at the farm gate. The farm is situated on a smallish country road in Leicestershire and I started with a small garden hut with an ‘honesty’  box system for people to help themselves to trays of eggs stacked in cardboard trays of 30 eggs.

This worked for a few weeks until the money box was stolen or broken into and then people started just taking the trays of eggs! I couldn’t find a suitable egg vending machine on the market so started to think about inventing one to fit my needs. I have made two previous ones to the one pictured on this web site which were both coin operated. These too became vandalised for the money content and so I came up with the current machine which is contactless! This has not only the obvious advantage being cash free but , in the age in which we live, many people just don’t carry any money on them so, as a consequence, couldn’t use an old fashioned ‘honesty’ box anyway!

The machine runs off a 12volt power supply and can be battery operated or from the mains. It is programmed to open the shelf doors one by one, from the bottom, being activated by the customer’s payment method. The doors open by gravity thus minimising moving parts and keeping it very simple.

We rent the machines to suitable egg producing farmers with the only recommendation  for a suitable hut or building for it to be housed in. We deal with all the finances so the farmer just has to keep it stocked with eggs and receive his money each month!